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Textile Conservation

Fabric of Life has provided specialist textile conservation services throughout Australia and internationally since 1995 to help you preserve and display your own treasured textiles.

Textiles we treat represent a diversity of cultures, regions and historical time periods. Professional conservation enables objects of beauty, interest, sentimental value and cultural significance to be enjoyed by present and future generations.

Whether you have a unique item yourself, or are responsible for the care of a museum collection, Fabric of Life has the expertise to preserve and care for your special textile.

We have provided textile conservation treatments on many textiles including Asian ikats, weavings and batiks, samplers, embroidery, tapestry, flags and banners, furniture, ecclesiastical textiles, curtains, wedding dresses, christening gowns, militaria, uniforms and vintage costume.

We can also provide advice on choosing the right textile for your home and can prepare the perfect display system.

Click here to request free advice or provide a treatment proposal and quotation to let you safely store or display and use your textile.

All our services are individually tailored to suit our client’s needs, museums and collectors alike.

We provide onsite visits and undertake textile conservation treatments in situ.

Fabric of Life provides services for the cleaning, stabilization, display, storage and documentation of textiles.

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No job is too small and all jobs are important.

"Mary Jose, textile conservator at the “Fabric of Life”, returned the restored verandah chair to Urrbrae House. Mary has done a magnificent job which was funded by a donation from the Urrbrae House snooker group led by Richard Wells. The Friends of Urrbrae House committee has agreed to fund the conservation of the second verandah chair which is now being undertaken by Mary Jose. Mary has done some excellent conservation work for the house over the years, which has included tub chairs in the library and curtains in the drawing room."

Urrbrae House, University of Adelaide
Curator, Urrbrae House
University of Adelaide

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