Australian Aboriginal Fabric Lampshade: Man-kumdalh (Black Plums)

Australian Aboriginal Fabric Lampshade: Man-kumdalh (Black Plums)

This lampshade is handmade from hand printed Australian Aboriginal fabric from Babbarra Designs based in Maningrida, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.  The  shade measured 25cm wide by 30cm high


This fabric was designed and hand-printed by the artists of Babbarra Designs in Maningrida, NT



Deborah Wurrkidj is a Kuninjku artist from the Kurulk clan whose country lies around the outstation of Mumeka in central Arnhem Land. Deborah is a highly regarded, versatile artist who has readily adapted to new art forms while retaining her strong clan traditions. She has been working with Bábbarra Designs since 1991, alongside her mother, Helen Lanyinwanga, and sister Jennifer Wurrkidj. She is a leading textile artist and an integral member of Bábbarra Women’s Centre.



In this design she has depicted Man-kumdalh , Black Plums

– a sweet bush food that is a favourite to collect



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