Australian Aboriginal Fabric Lampshade:Waterlily

Australian Aboriginal Fabric Lampshade:Waterlily

This lampshade is handmade from hand printed Australian Aboriginal fabric , Madem (Waterlily)  from Injalak Arts based in Gunbalanya, West Arnhem Land,  Northern Territory.  The fabric is black and white and the shade measures 30cm wide by 35cm high


The Designer
Artist Eva Nganjmirra is one of the Injalak Arts’ most outstanding artists and fabric screen print designers, creating three varied designs that are now best sellers.

The Design:
Women and girls in Gunbalanya used to go down to the billabong, wade into the water and gather mandem (water lily roots), manbardmo (water lily stems and flowers) and barrdjungka (water lily seeds). Then they would go up the hill and gather firewood. They would cook the roots and seeds in the ashes or coals of the fire, share them around and eat them. We eat the seeds raw or cooked, but the stems are eaten raw. Water Lilies (Nymphaea sp.) are found in bodies of water all through West Arnhem Land. The seed heads form when the flowers fall under the water, and are also food for magpie geese and whistling ducks. The seeds are ripe in Yekke, the cool season around May-June.

    Layout of Design
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