Laos Skirt (Pha Sin)

Laos Skirt (Pha Sin)

This skirt has been hand woven in Oudomsay Province, Laos.  It demonstrated a combination of weaving techniques including fine tapestry weaving and supplementary weft design as well as plain weave in bands and stripes of colour.  All dyes are natural and the soft variations in the colouring make this an exceptional piece.


A similar skirt can be seen on the cover of Textiles and the Thai Experience in Southeast Asia , by Mattiebelle Gittinger and H Leedom Lefferts, Jr published by the Textile Museum, Washinton DC, 1992



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    This product is hand made and variations in the design are part of the unique nature of this style of embroidery

  • Handmade Products

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