Tjunkaya Tapaya Ernabella Arts :   silk  batik

Tjunkaya Tapaya Ernabella Arts : silk batik

The beautiful silk batik raiki wara or long cloth  has been hand-drawn by Tjunkaya Tapaya, a senior artist practicing at Ernabella Arts in the APY Lands of South Australia. 


The design represents  the traditional "walka"  or traditional designs seen in art created at Ernabella.  The golden colours are glorious like a burst of sunshine and the batik making technique is technically excellent.  The wax has been applied using the traditional Tjanting, brushes and also sticks. 


Batik was made at Ernabella for may years and the work of this artist is held in many Museum Collections throughout the world 


 This piece dates from around the year 2008 when it was made for an exhibition at Fabric of Life. The catalogue number is TTB259-08.   Measures 1140 x 1300mm

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