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Mary Jose, proprietor of the Fabric of Life, has a lifelong passion for textiles and a career spent mastering the art of textile conservation. 

A world-renowned textiles expert, she has served notable museums, galleries, private institutions and collectors since 1984 in Australia, Asia and the UK. 

She is dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of irreplaceable textiles and the cultural heritage they represent, whether for a large client or any individual who wants to preserve or procure a treasured piece. 

“Textiles provide an affordable work of art that adds a unique warmth and richness to a home or commercial building.“ 

Mary Jose, Director of Fabric of Life

Mary's conservation clients 

Mary has worked as a textile conservator for over 25 years, providing services to public museums and galleries, corporations and private collectors both in Australia and internationally. 

Clients have included: 

  • The Australian National Gallery 

  • The Art Gallery of South Australia 

  • Queensland Art Gallery 

  • National Museum of Scotland 

  • Urrbrae House 

  • Adelaide Festival Centre 

  • Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society 

  • David Roche Foundation 

  • Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute 

  • Ernabella Arts Inc


We are so very grateful that we found Mary to conserve, hand sew and prepare our precious family designed and printed Italian silk scarf for displaying.

We are in debt to Mary for taking such exceptional care and skill in preserving this textile for us to look absolutely amazing. She did it perfectly!!

As soon as I met Mary I knew she was the right person for us, her personalised approach eased my mind from beginning to end and her skills are second to none.

Thank you Mary and forever grateful 🙏

Helen Giuseppe and Lidia

Italian Silk scarf

October 2020

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