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Hang your rug on the wall

Textile Conservators are often asked how to safely hang rugs on the wall. They make a wonderful addition to the interior decoration of a space. This is particularly the case with old or valuable rugs that can be more protected hanging than being placed on the floor. . For this reason it is really important to display you rug in the safest way.

The safest way to hang a rug on the wall is with ' Velcro', hand sewn to the back of the rug. The 'Velcro' provides even support along the full width of the rug and does not damage the structure of the weave. If the rug is weak it may also need lining to support the weave.

Other methods and why 'Velcro' is better.

Pole sleeves

Stitching a pole sleeve to the back of a textile and hanging the textile from a pole threaded trough the sleeve is a common method of textile display.

In the long term pressure is put on the outer corners of the textile and it will begin to curve inward at the sides.

Smooth edge carpet laying strips

The metal hooks on the smooth edge will make holes in your rug and the longer the rug is hung on smooth edge the worse the damge will get. The sharp points cut the warp and the weft weakening the structure of the carpet.

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