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March 2007 On Saturday 10th March a Tjanpi workshop was held in the Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden, Adelaide.  Ernabella artists Tjunkaya Tapaya, Ungakini Tjangala, Ninguta Edwards and Yurpiya Lionel, and the Manager of Ernabella Arts, Debra Myers were present.  The artists demonstrated the art of ‘Tjanpi‘ showing both how the twine baskets and how to make sculpture using natural grasses, raffia, wool and chicken wire. This gave the public a chance to interact with the artists in a practical hands on event.  ‘Tjanpi Tjuta’ has promoted a greater understanding and community involvement with the Indigenous artists of Ernabella Arts Inc and their work. Work from other Ernabella artists will also be exhibited at Fabric of Life during the Fringe.  We were very pleased to welcome representatives of the Kuarna community at this workshop.

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