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Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize 2020

Exhibition and Sale of Finalists artwork opens 20 March 2021

Fabric of Life has been a proud supporter of the Adelaide Park Land Art Prize since 2015.

Exhibiting since 2014 this is a major art prize initiated by the Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association (APPA) to highlight through art, the beauty, rarity and fragility of the Park Land belt that surrounds the city of Adelaide.

Artists are encouraged to use their art make a statement or capture the essence of the Adelaide Park Lands. This Art Prize is an opportunity for artists to convey the many faces of our Adelaide Park Lands and their value in this urban setting. Join the growing movement to protect our Park Lands.

Adelaide is the world’s only city in a Park; a design heritage that requires recognition and conservation. The Park Lands are continually under threat from private and commercial interests but they belong to everyone.

The Adelaide Park Lands are the open land that surrounds Adelaide City and North Adelaide; they include 27 named and adjoining parks each with its own characteristic and the City Square and North Adelaide Squares. They are natural spaces with various guises in different areas, but all are in close proximity to workers, dwellers and visitors to the Adelaide city.

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