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August 2012

Every July, more than 150 artists from over 54 countries travel to historic Santa Fe displaying folk art forms that express the world’s diverse cultures. Many of the Market artists are from developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Central Asia, Eurasia, and the Middle East where they confront daunting political, social, and environmental conditions.  The impact of the Market on the artists’ home communities is considerable. In many cases, artists use earnings for food, clothing, healthcare, education, and as an investment in their growing business enterprises.  Sales at the Market directly benefit artists and their families and help sustain communities worldwide– participants take home 90% of all sales. This exhibition presents a collection of textiles from across the world collected recently at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market. Beautiful floral embroidered cushions and fine beaded jewellery from Guatemala, Peruvian weavings in glorious natural colours, embroidered coats from Kashmir, Indigo shirts in silk and cotton from Nigeria, embroidered clothes and scarves from Afghanistan, Indian block prints and Uzbek embroidered bags and cushions and more.

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