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October 2010

Fabric of Life is a proud supporter of KIVA. I hope that you will join us in supporting those less lucky than us. You can join through the KIVA website or phone Fabric Of Life and we can help you to join our team. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of one of our customers, Fabric of Life has auctioned a hand drawn silk batik Raiki Wara by Milyka Carroll of Ernabella to raise funds for Kiva. We have been proudly associated with Ernabella Arts for a number of years Milyka Carroll was born at Ernabella in 1958 and still lives and works at Ernabella. She was Anangu Mayatja (Manager) at Ernabella Arts 2004 – 2007 and is now Director of Ananguku Arts and Culture Aboriginal Corporation (Ku Arts) and Chair of Ernabella Arts. She has exhibited extensively since 1990 and her work is held in all major Australian public collections and also the British Museum and National Galleries of Scotland. Her walka (design) reflects her identity as a contemporary and senior Pitjantjatara woman.

Further Information

Phone: 0404871707  visit website

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