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May 2008

Helena Geiger, with her Aboriginal heritage stemming from the Gumbaynggir Tribal Language Group on the North Coast of NSW, and a combined passion for Indigenous Art and Fabric, expresses herself through the traditional and beautiful art of Batik. Her work reflects her emotional responses to the Earth in delicate detail.

Helena Geiger’s work is inspired by nature. She sees the detail in everything around her; the bark on trees, the lines drawn in sandstone, reflections in a puddle, colours in the sky She collects from the natural world; rocks, bark, feathers, leaves, pebbles different coloured sand, leaves. She also photographs the world around her to capture images of landscape that inspire her work. Each of Geiger’s works expresses different aspects of the land. The first step is to decide how to interpret this image into batik, and to decide how to use the qualities of this medium to achieve a particular result. How many layers of wax , what degree of cracks are needed to create texture, what sequence of colours to use, what colour will be the first and last. After the first few colours and layers of wax are done the images starts to take shape and takes on its own journey.

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