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June 2010

A collection of Indian textiles showcasing a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional techniques, designs and fabrics. Designers in India are creating innovative a vibrant designs drawn from their rich textile heritage. Textiles include:  •Bright hand printed silk quilts, cushions and other home wares.  •A collection of very finely hand woven pure pashmina shawls in a range of colours and styles from the finest patterned weaving and embroidery available, to simple plain colours for winter.  •A new range of kantha embroidered bedcovers throws and shawls; some using recycled fabrics and some on new silk. •Beautiful pieced block printed cotton quilts coloured with natural dyes.  .Hand block printed table cloths and napkins in a range of colours and sizes  •A range of textured and embroidered woolly scarves for winter warming. •Tree of Life appliqué hangings and bed covers Further Information Phone: 0404871707

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