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September 2012 Fabric of Life has been endorsed by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand as a Fair Trader of Australia. The endorsement recognises Fabric of Life’s work with overseas producers from several countries who produce the finely crafted handmade textiles sold at Fabric of Life. 

Fabric of Life has been assessed against the ten standards of fair trade. These include: creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers; greater transparency and accountability; fairer trading practices; fairer prices for producers; no child exploitation or forced labour; non-discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association; better working conditions; capacity building; promotion of fair trade; and environmental sustainability. Mary has been working with hand crafted textiles throughout her career firstly as a textile conservator and then in the last decade as the founding Director of Fabric of Life. She has a passionate interest in the preservation of cultural traditions through the support of those who possess these traditional skills. Textile traditions have developed and changed throughout the world for many centuries. By supporting Fair Trade we can help to ensure that this rich cultural life continues in a globalized world.

She has seen the real and tangible difference Fair Trade makes to the lives of people living in disadvantaged societies. Travelling regularly to meet with her suppliers Mary has seen the benefits of Fair Trade in providing opportunities for personal financial stability, safe working environments, education and health initiatives.  Fabric of Life has also worked with Australian Indigenous communities in South Australia and the Northern Territory to promote their textile arts. Mary is honoured that her work in promoting Fair trade has been recognized by her International and Australian peers through her endorsement as an Australian Fair trader by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.

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