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February 2020

Fabric of Life was pleased to host and embroidery workshop Faces and Figures by renowned New Zealand embroiderer Jo Dixie. This is a design workshop with a focus on faces and figures. Time will be spent on design ideas leading to a piece of work where choices can be exercised about different techniques and stitches to suit your individual style.

Jo is an embroidery and stitch artist living in New Zealand. She trained for two years at the London Royal School of Needlework and gained her City and Guilds qualifications in the early 1990’s.

Jo makes her living from embroidery, teaching, exhibition work and commissions which have included altar cloths, banners, work with the fashion industry and restorations.

Jo runs relaxed and inspiring workshops, engages the group in the wonders of needle and thread, and teaches with ease across beginners and advanced embroiderers.

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