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March 2009

A collection of Chinese silk textiles spanning a period from the late 19th Century to today. Collected over 20 years they include traditional Chinese costumes and textiles and a range of textiles from Chinese minority groups renowned for their fine embroidery. Works include framed embroideries, costume and associated textiles.

The Chinese pioneered the use of silk and were fundamental in the development of the world silk industry. They refined the spinning, weaving and embroidery of silk to its highest level. The network of trade routes that connected China, India, and Europe, known as the Silk Road, was one of the world's main thoroughfares for goods and ideas traveling both east and west. Silk have been used in China for generations. At home, they were draped on chairs and around beds for warmth and comfort, placed on and around tables and hung on walls for decoration. They were used for book covers and for framing paintings. They were fashioned into purses and bags to hold small articles to be carried on the person. In temples and monasteries, they were used for banners, canopies and hangings for worship and commemoration. As garments, the use of silk itself was an indication of status The works in this exhibition represent a small sample of the diverse and enormous representation of Chinese culture through silk. Further Information Phone: 0404871707 download PDF for more information

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