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August 2007

SALA 2007 sees the return to Fabric of Life of the Ernabella Arts Inc beanies or mukata.  Each year the artists from Ernabella participate in the Alice Springs Beanie Festival. Beanies are made from a variety of materials and using many different techniques.  Each year a theme is chosen for the beanies. In 2007 mukata made by the women of Ernabella Arts Inc reflect journeys both physical and spiritual. These sculptural and highly decorative pieces give a new meaning to the word beanie. This year we will exhibit a small selection of ‘art piece” mukata showcasing the best of the 2007 production. We will also have a few everyday beanies for sale. The artists have worked with Siri Omberg to develop skills in felting and applied threads. As their skills developed they began felting entire stories and traditional symbolism on their mukata that has previously only been seen in paintings.

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