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August 2009

Eliza Piro was born in Adelaide and spent her younger years growing up in Clare in the mid North of South Australia. She studied art at Pembroke College where her love and passion for the subject evolved. Further study at Melbourne School of Photography gave her a greater understanding of colour, texture and form and led into experimenting with different mediums. Eliza is inspired by nature. Her current and much of her future work will depict flora and fauna as she wishes to present art that will express the beauty of our surroundings and alert the viewer to our fragile environment. Travels to India where she fell in love with beautiful textiels and embroideries have also been a huge inspiration, her art often depicts indian motifs such as birds and elephants which also expresses her love for nature. Her paintings convey a sense of her journeys and will remind the viewer of rich and elegant fabrics. Her interpretations are original, exotic and uplifting. Beautifully detailed painted trees and repeated patterns echo the spiritual mantra of the East meets West.

Further Information

Phone: 0404871707  visit website

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