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November 2011

The colours and designs of Turkey represent many cultures and many places. The bustling bazaars and souks, the coming together of diverse cultures, peoples, traditions, crafts… We are bringing you a taste of this to celebrate summer with the colours, styles and textures of Turkey. These textiles are made by artisans and master craftsmen following centuries-old traditions, and hand-picked by us during our travels. All items are inspired by the motifs, colours and symbols of the region. They have their own little story to tell and we wish to bring a little of this fascinating history into your lives and homes!  • Magnificent rich Suzani embroideries from Central Asia including new contemporary designs on silk. • Oya jewelery, cotton scarves with Oya trim and beaded belts • Turkish silk scarves with traditional Ottoman designs from the ancient silk market in Bursa • Hand woven pure cotton hamam towels perfect for the beach, a picnic, the bathroom or the gym. Vibrant, light weight and quick drying.  • Colourful vintage ceramic bowls from Uzbekistan.

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